A polar bear dances at the Circus on Ice in Kazan, Russia. The show’s four bears wear metal muzzles, and their trainer, Yulia Denisenko, carries a metal rod. Between tricks, the bears lie down and rub themselves on the ice.

Everyone loves entertainment, be it in any form, one of the prominent means of entertainment is Circus! We love to see wild animals performing all sorts of tricks, but have anyone of us ever wondered what goes on in their training? The answer is NO!

Animals who perform in circus or are used for tourist purposes are brutually treated. They are chained up, punished if not obeyed, ill-treated and not fed properly. It is due to this that they suffer injuries and when they are unable to perform, they are just thrown out or sometimes killed. Wild animals are supposed to be in jungles or zoos/sanctuaries, supposed to be free, but rather they are getting chained and tortured into doing something against their will. Babies are separated from their mothers/families at a very young age and then forced into this field of entertainment. It’s hard to watch how they are stabbed or punished and after seeing those videos of animals, if you don’t feel sympathy from them, then humanity is surely lost. People can pet dogs, cats, etc, but aren’t tiger, elephants, cows animals too? How can someone love only some animals, they all are animals.

Here we see a baby elephant being tortured. How the little one is tied up and metal rods are being made to make him stand.

This link shows the article by Natasha Daly who works with National Geographic. She went to the places where the animals are kept chained and how they are treated. She gave us the photos and videos of these animals and it is very disheartening to see it. People love to sit with animals, be on top of them, just to have that picture post on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. But how far can someone go to have it clicked? So far that the people ignore the fact that they are animals, living beings, they have families just like us. It is hard to see a human baby get separated from his mother, but it’s easy enough to do that with animals?

These images are of the Pattaya Zoo in Thailand, but this zoo is different from the others. How? They torture animals here, keep them enclosed in cages, away from their families, forced into performing fire activities for entertainment as shown above.


The first and foremost step that we should do is to ban all these circuses/tourist attractions where animals are used. But, closing them and freeing the animals should not ignore the fact of employment. All the members, staff, working in these circuses should be given another way of employment. More and more awareness should be spread about freeing animals. They are wild animals, and are suppossed to be in wild(jungle) areas and not enclosed within. Our planet is comprised of humans, flora and fauna. A disturbance or decline in any one of these would make a huge impact which is quite unseen. In the end I would like to plead to all of you, to stop going to circuses or use animals for your pictures, look behind the scenes of how they are treated and have empathy.